last entry on 2009


good evening.

hello babes. so, what is your planning for tonight?


having dinner with my housemate, terompahsurau and cuddling with gemuk while blogging..

basically just staying at home. no celebration or what so ever..

my mom call me and she remind me to pray hard due tonight is friday night's. so peeps, i pray hard for the best of our future undertakings including life, career, health and wealth. amin..

enough said.

let's take a look what i bought for 2010. few stuffs to add on my pink collections.. wink. wink.

- an organizer
- note books

by dooodolls ^___^

p/s: excluding that teen novel -__-"



Lyn Yusoff said...

hi dear,
happy new year 2010
wishing u a great 2010 :)

Dj Epoi said...

Salam Jumaat & dan Selamat Tahun Baruuu buat semua