is updating entries.


good morning babes.

last night after another busy bee days, i sit in front of lappy and blogging. i plan to stand by all entries before entering 2010 but when my sweetheart make a phone call i just left my lappy and chit chatting with him until both of us going zzz T.T"


and today i supposed have an appointment with my dentist but he just text me inform that my appointment is re-scheduled -__-" thanks for a very last minutes conformation. in a positive side, i can sit in front of lappy and update my blog ^__^

hahaha.. it's not about a promise, but i guarantee that insya Allah more updates will going soon!

p/s: are there any peeps is reading my blog?? huhuuhu..



Misbehave said...

ada la, keep on blogging k :)