few days before 2010


hello babes..

there are lots of stories to share and pictures to upload.
unfortunately recently my schedule is packed!
when i reached home i straight go to bed.
damn tired and sleepy..

but thank god i've already share about my trip to langkawi island.
just few randoms pictures that i forgot to upload.
then i supposed share my 2nd appointment with dentist..
random pictures on dating with sweetheart, levi's craft session, movie reviews.

on addition, my sweetheart and i decided a crazy ideas last weekend.
which a very last minutes decision making on something..

girlfriend dating and watching theater also a must event to share.

i shall stay at home for 24 hours and update everything before we are entering 2010!

i almost close my 2009 with great memories with my love ones ^__^

p/s: stay tune.