escape to mystery island (7)


good morning.

no longer mystery island story ^__^

actually last weekend i went to langkawi island *rolling eyes .. which fully sponsored by my mom from head to toe ^__^ alhamdulillah.

such an early pressie for a new year! wink.. wink.

we (my mom, her colleagues and i) started our long journey around 10pm on thursday evening and reached kuala perlis jetty 12 hours later -__-" since friday is public holiday i guess hundred thousands of visitors came to langkawi.

so what you expect when there's lot of people there? such a crazy and crowd! T.T"

however, i set my mind become a positive one. even, at one time it's annoyed. huhu. ups, it's not complaining or what so ever.. i just share my experience visited langkawi island during peak hours o__O"

over all, i am really enjoy my vacation in langkawi island and makes me promise to myself will come again with sweetheart.. besides, i started to think that i should keep my money in order to spend for vintage ceramics O_O omg! tak tahan ok.

p/s: langkawi island probably a place for honeymoon 2010. who knows..



Misbehave said...

pegi langkawi rupanya. jelesssssssss! xpe, bln 4 nanti i pegi hehe.

aritu col x angkat, org da nak masuk ofis balik da tau. xpe, lain kali ada lagi :)