live update (10)


good evening.

what a lovely friday.. shah alam is raining heavily. alhamdulillah.. such a great 1st friday on new year 1431 H ^__^ i pray that all my love one showered by happiness and prosperity on this new year.

so, today my sweetheart and i planning to stay at home. he did house cleaning, i wash toilet, he rearrange furniture and i am cooking for lunch.. *he did at his house and i did at my house lah *__*

currently i am having a white chocs! oh, my favvy forever - white whole hazelnuts. i bought it at rm 4.60 only ^__o perhaps it's more than rm 10 per 100 g out side the duty free zone. by next time, i'll sure buy it more~

ok. want to cook for lunch and dinner - a spaghetti ..

p/s: movie marathon and spaghetti are great combination for this evening.