segamat, johore


hello babes.

stand still aidil adha mood but i do prefer to publish last thursday's wednesday's activity before we are going to enjoy my random stories about our celebration of aidil adha down south, muar johore.

babes, start your engine.. here you are some pictures of segamat:

previously, i share about uitm segamat (2) story, purposely to support my lil sister during her intensive training..

i like to share something about my short trip to segamat:

segamat is a place where i am very familiar with. since young my dad will bring us visit his elder brother in segamat. we've never miss to go to segamat every year.

today, lot of changes been made:

(1) upgrading the road
(2) building new hospital
(3) residential and commercial areas
(4) etc etc

but, what i am always remember about segamat is the railway.. i love to see the train.. hehe. but no pictures about them.

oh.. one thing about segamat of cause uitm segamat. in fact, it is located just near by with my uncle's house..

during my short trip to segamat, we went early in the morning and alhamdulillah the weather is good. sunny, bright and smooth..


eh.. the end.

p/s: i have another story about segamat before we jump to aidil adha story -_-"