uitm segamat (3)


hi babes.

i wish i could publish about uitm shah alam too T.T" currently i miss shah alam, my playground. sigh.

it's ok.. i will doing fine. as long as my gemuk always here with me. gemuk??

eh. this is a story about segamat not gemuk or what so ever -__-"

ok. back to the story.. is all about my lil sister's intensive training 2009:

at 1st, we dont have any ideas what kind of training she joined.. what i've know she is part of like bulan sabit merah.

so last tuesday we received invitation card from uitm segamat and on the next day my dad and i went to support her. my mom still in jb for out station during that time.

by not so early in the morning we started our short trip to uitm segamat. arrived in uitm segamat almost 10 am and saw her participated kesatria!

she just surprised us when participated this kind of activity ^_^"

but, we're very proud of her! i wish her very all the best for her future undertakings. i hope she can manage both study and activity effectively.

p/s: this is her 1st sem in uitm but my almost final sem in shah alam.