good morning babes


hi babes..

happy thursday.

alhamdulillah, today my mom will going home after 4 days 3 night went for out station and my lil sister also will going home after 12 days 11 nights training in uitm segamat.

wellcome home lovers!

before that let me update current conditions of my grandma:

currently she's doing fine. i feed her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. as usual after has her medicines she keep on complaining that she doesnt like the food etc etc..

every twice a day we switched from using adult diapers to manually training to toilet. this is to avoid her rashes become worst. as for yesterday every 1 and half hours i assist grandma to toilet..

she still can walk, chit chat, watch tv but it depends on her mood. there's one time, she's moody and refused to eat. she throw away foods and drinks. even scolded us loudly -__-"

well, sometimes it's taugh to take care of grandma but as for us we're know well how to handle those kind of hard situation. alhamdulillah.. so far, grandma was doing fine..

pictures above taken last 2 days while my dad and i brought grandma to the nearest public clinic for check up.


supposed today grandma should be taken to general hospital for medical check up. will conform with the doctor later. hurm.

p/s: i pray hard for grandma's safety and healthy. amin..