another random thougts


hi babes..

how do you do?

lots of pictures and stories to share but then i dont know where to start 1st. all of them are from my sony ericsson's and my sweetheart lappy..

(1) my photos

talking about old pictures, still disappointed with my canon's camera. pass is pass.. my sweetheart told me he want to buy for another card reader! alhamdulillah..

(2) my passion

enough about pictures and gadgets, i also love to share my experiences on last weekend at putrajaya on doing painting art.. i've never shared yet, i love painting! almost 7 years i left this passion.. seriously.. i miss painting.

i've plan to start painting again! -________- *rolling eyes..

(3) my hectic days

huhu.. last weekend was my hectic week ever! really tired.. until i got low blood pressure T.T" isk! with my last minutes study and assignments, i deserved with all those things.. huhu

(4) escapism??!!

i wish for vacation, please.. help me. help me. my mom asked for langkawi island and at the same time his family invited for cherating beach.. some suggested to bandung or vietnam. i am looking for singapore.. end up, still not sure yet.

i thought the best place ever is my home sweet home, down at johor. cuddling with my mom, sister and grandma.. ehhehe.

(5) my wishlist

hik2x.. there's lots of things que in my mind. so materialistic, nowadays..

Best regards,