are there something goes wrong??


hi babes..

what's up! should i? shouldnt i? should i? shouldnt i? sigh.

since this is the best place for me to share with, i think i just write it for further reference -_-"

i dont know how to start..

there's some one who is doing something.. he seems like hidden at rare corner with his hp. then, what makes me wonder what he is trying to do when his hp is towards me..

omg. there's no body there except my dad and i!

at 1st i didnt realized him. i chit chatting with my dad and suddenly my eyes catches his action and pointing my finger to the hidden camera hp. my dad look at the hidden camera too and surprised.

this things happen quit few times during my conversation with my dad. i thought he didnt realized that i already saw that rare thing!

from my positive views, he is trying to search for hp connections but!! why with turning on your camera and pointing at us at that rare corner?? does he would like to disturb our privacy!! or he's paparazzi?? for what? i am no body. sigh.

and after i pointing my finger to him, suddenly he hide his camera and do it again and again.. sigh. sigh. sigh.

p/s : i wish to show my middle finger if he's really try to disturb my privacy. sorry..