5 facts on aidil adha 2009 (2)


hi babes..

yeah. every where still in the mood of aidil adha. i guess lots of bloggers out there share their experiences on celebrating aidil adha 2009.

so do i. now, you're on my second episode entry review another 5 more facts on my celebration 2009:

(6) the last portion to be hang! luckily my grandfather lives in village. just hang them at his rambutan's tree. hehe.. just in front of his house.

(7) our nephew, danish and neighbour's grandchildren. danish love to make friends but his new friend refused to do so. huhu.. after few moments, they became good friends. the best part is they talk baby languages! so sweet.. perhaps, both like understand each others. hehe..

(8) my mom and aunties collaborated to cut meats into pieces. another 3 aunties celebrated with their in laws family.. oh.. the yellow wooden house is my mom's home sweet home. wink..wink.

(9) my dad with his portion. impressed! he really cut till the end ^___^

(10) the family members read prayers. see, our nephew danish. he's such a good boy. amin. sit next to his mom and follow the rest read prayers too.

p/s: currently i have 3 nephews and 3 nieces (suhail, sarah, salim - irdina ilmuna,husna sakina - danish naqiuddin).. who's next?