5 facts on aidil adha 2009


hello babes.

as i promise you, here are facts on my celebration of aidil adha 2009:

(1) we send my grandma to my cousin's house at 7 am. she lives not far from my house. usually my cousin will looking after my grandma if we're going for my mom's home town and will taking grandma at the evening.

(2) none malaysian cars we found along highway. the rest are singaporeans'.. ouh, it's fog = kabus right?

(3) alhamdulillah. this year our big family managed to have one qurban. my mom's family collected money and shared to have at least one qurban every year. if i am not mistaken this is our 3rd year and insya allah it will doing annually.

(4) yeay.. another portions of the cow. uncles collaborated to hang that portion, while cousins and nephew looks excited there! esp our nephew danish naqiuddin.

(5) my uncle's wife and i just standing over there looking for the crowd. since my sandal was not there, i asked my cousin to shoot pictures. therefore, credit to aqilah for aidil adha 2009 pictures.

p/s: 5 more facts will coming soon ^_^



adenium said...

bestnya... dapat makan daging... :-)