pinky lady contest


hello babes.

this is a sticky entry until 11.59 pm.

phew.. i dont know how to start. currently i am over excited when found this contest from ciare page.

before i go further let's take a look what this contest are all about:


t&c #1: Buat satu entri bertajuk "Pinky Lady Contest" dan ceritakan apekemenda yg best sgt tntang PINK ni. heh :p (buat sticky mode entry smpai end date ye)
t&c #2: Upload 1 SAHAJA gamba anda yg serba PINK (saya tidak mgalakkan gamba kawen ok. FYI, ada 2 org pengadil jemputan)
t&c #3: Copy contest banner di page ini dan paste di entri anda. Dan sila link gamba tersebut ke page ini. Nak follow? it's up to you :)
t&c #4: Letakkan banner contest di sidebar anda. utk copy banner di atas sila click aje gamba tersebut sbb i dah disabledkan rightclick kat blog ni.
t&c #5: Letakkan link entri anda di ruang komen entry ini ye. Then, puanciare akan buat pemantauan. Make sure bg direct link ke contest anda ye.
t&c #6: Sila submit sebelum 30 Nov 2009 11:59PM. pemenang akan diumumkan seminggu lepas raya aji eh. hadiah? misteri....hihi..anyway xde special sgt pon adiah ni. aku saje2 je wat contest. dont imagine dapat microwave ke hape..KAHKAH


this is me in pink with pink panther..

there's lots of pictures but i do love this one more..

generally, i am a pink lover. i do collecting pink items. definitely.. i addicted with pink since years ago. when i was 18 my buddies call me syira pinky. now i am 24 still some of my friends call me pinky.

pink colors always catches my eyes 1st! i dont know why.. i love pink because it looks nice, sweet, simple and awesome! esp baby pink.

in fact there's several items which i love to share with my babes:

p/s: i wish to meet all pink lovers out there. wink..wink.



ciare (^_^)v said...

wow! siap ade pink panther :D TQ sbb join contest. slmat bkenalan :)

*ayu the sun* said...

best of luck babe!

adenium said...

all the best pinky.... :-)