a walk to remember


hi babes.

last year, i was a Msc student at uitm shah alam. it was my 1st time ever went to this university. even this year or to be accurate this end of year is my final semester and will not being uitm student anymore.

i will miss every single moments in uitm. every places i go for study brings me never endings experiences and sweet moments to remember..

but for me, uitm changes me everything. many things i can share but not this time ek. later i'll share my memories and advices for newbies esp students and even buddies who interested to step forward for upper level of life satisfaction.

wahh! sounds interesting..

pictures speak louder, so i love to share part of my steps at my lovely fspu.

pictures taken last weekend. while i was in fspu library work hard for my thesis! wishing me best of luck for my final semester ya.. thank you in advance babes..

Best regards,