environmental issues - please have a look


hello babes.

dont surprised!! babes, you're still at syahirasyahira[dot]blogspot and even this is still my simple pink live diary..

title above might catches your eyes.. since when i am talking about this kind of issues?? ehhehe..

well, currently it's for my study purpose. my lecturer asked me to critically discuss on any environmental issues, so i interested on looking for pollutions phenomena which started since long times ago.

have you ever realized or thought which this (refer to pollution) might be end up with killing our future generations' opportunities to live in a healthy living or lifestyles..

since i am not critically discuss this matter yet, so i would like to share some of my findings from youtube..

(a) pollution kills Dhaka's rivers

(b) light pollution <-seriously.. i never know this before!

(c) China air pollution

phew.. makes me wonder how long this earth might be save for living?? T.T" there's no place to go such our home but we ourselves silently destroyed them.. sigh.

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