500 entries and 2012 contest


alhamdulillah. i am glad.

in fact, this is my 500 entries in english. so far it's a good try for me. i understand some of my words or sentences sound awkward but then if we're not trying and doing mistakes probably we're never learn. well, practice makes purrrfect!
purrrr.. <- i miss meow..

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i would like to share one interesting contest to you.. let's check this out ya!

yesterday i saw one of nuffnang's ads. it's 2012. looks interesting, so i simply clicked.

another contest to go. it's a time capsule! wow.. catch my eyes and immediately i participated.

as easy as ABC.. fill up the form given and it's ready.. thank you. you are now a registered member..

memories remain forever. so let's upload your favvy picture and in the time capsule. besides, there's chances to win prizes ^.^

my favvy picture of the day.. ups, my messy study table!! T.T"

* i choose that picture because this is my final semester sitting for Msc. truly i will miss every single moments when i was a student..

it wont same anymore after this if i become a student again because instead of student i am also a wife to my husband and mummy to my kids..

well, i just wonder how my study table will look like?? ahhaha..

insya Allah, i'll being phd student, a wife and mummy one day. amin..

Best regards,