the ugly truth - cam whoring


please excuse me, my card reader still cant detected to any lappies or pcs. so, i used my sweetheart's lappy and cam whoring. hi2x

so sad, because i didnt back up any of my pictures. what ever pictures i post credited to google or my sweetheart's picture folders..

to format or not format my card reader??

ouh, it will be our last solution and meaning i've give up ord.. like my sweetheart's buddy said throw away my camera to drainage systems! how come you??! isk...

but sweetheart said what if we throw this camera from level 12 and see what's going on next??! erk! damn cruel lah you guys.. T.T"

Best regards,


ween said...

maybe that's a sign that u should buy a new camera instead ;p he

cik syahira said...

dear ween,
my pleasure to see you buddy.
thank for visiting me and dropping comment.
well, the prob is card reader la dear not the camera.
phew.. will pokai la if need to buy new one. hik2x..