he read my blog


hello babes. hello buddies. hello silent reader. hello blog hoppers.

how do you do? how's your weekend? mine, awesome!! he2x -___________- alhamdulillah..

sometimes, i never know who are my readers. those who left me comments of cause i can keep in touch with them, my best buddies as well as silent readers can be detected but those who touch and go in my blog i never know much.

i wish i can keep in touch with all my readers and would like to visit them too. seriously, blogging is part of sharing knowledge and experiences as well as place to express emotions and feelings. he2x

recently, one of my not so silent any more reader is my sweetheart. heh.. me so shy when i know he read my entries. hish! v.v"

those babes who reads my blog, fill free to comment me so do i can visit you too. hex i thought i want to make a contest but then dont have any idea yet. soon, i will inform you when prizes are ready ya. he2x

Best regards,


lily lotus said...

hihi..comel laa u dok speaking london..very tersusun the ayats

cik syahira said...

dear kak lily,

thanks kak.
i still practicing..
need lots of improvement.
btw, practice makes perfect..