one sweet moment


hi babes. how do you do?

do you have a younger brother?? ouh i am excited because now i have more. *clap-clap.

well, this is my sweetheart's lil brother.. i love playing with kids and glad that my sweetheart's got younger brothers and sisters.

being me i only have a younger sister, because we're two and small happy family. in fact, my sweetheart's have a big happy family ^.^ of cause i love them. they're brighten my days..

pictures above taken at his house during 2nd day before syawal. he's lil brother is seven and very shy at 1st time i met him <- last year's story lah.

now, alhamdulillah he can chat with me even now we can playing games together.. the best part is when i met them, his brothers and sisters do prefer to ride my small compact car. ouh, so sweet.. ^.^ *wink..wink.

tips of the day: it's hard to tackle kids and once they likes you the world is yours. ahhahaha..

p/s : be sincere lah when you babes tackle them.. it really works.

Best regards,


syazana said...

aku dua2 ada adik lelaki n perempuan..
tp da x small lg..x besyt..hahaha

jujahxo. said...

ehh muka dia nk dekat samalah ngn muka ur pOjan ;)

i pun sgt teruja ms mula mula jd family madet, sbb dia ada 7 org beradiks but sumenya da tua tua laaa. heee ;b

naematul.ismail said...

wah syira..
he's so ojan ;))

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
at least you have maaa.

dear oja,
yup.. his younger bro to be exactly like his bro..

dear naem,
ojan jr.. hi2x