his wallpaper


hello babes.

what's up! what's up! malaysia..

i am in a good mood today, alhamdulillah.. after couple of days mood swing and now everything gonna be smooth, insya Allah.. just wait and see ya!

ouh, i forgot to share this.. currently i am using my sweetheart's lappy. he3x. he went for a week out station and asked me to take care of his gadget.. sounds great.

there's lot of things i am not explore yet 6.6"

previous entry i mentioned that my card reader got virus! then i dont have any pictures to share. so sad T.T" so now, i am trying to look what ever pictures inside his lappy and post here. huhuhu..

sorry dear sweetheart!

here is his wallpaper. cool~ he's barca die hard fine.. he influenced me into barca too :P hurm barca is not bad..

then what is yours? share with me ya. he3x

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

bagus. jdk tukang jaga barang ehh?