currently i ..


good morning babes.

while this entry published i have an interview somewhere in architecture's firm, kl. currently my mood are mix up! i pray that everything gonna be smooth.

ouh, please never misunderstanding k. i am not going for job interview, it's my interview for thesis' purpose.. alhamdulillah, even couple of days ago there's lot of bad news but coming days ahead there's another good news are waiting for me.

well, accepted what ever you got and move on your life. things done always come with hidden reasons.. eh, dont simply accepted but you're done nothing. i wonder when there's something happen it actually comes with bigger opportunities. go and grab them!

video attached is not related with interview session. hehe..

however, it's more with my happy mood while waiting for my sweetheart tonight! ouh.. i miss him so much. i dont know about yours.. as for me, waiting for 5 days without any news from him was a very super long time.

i've mentioned before, he went for out station somewhere at the middle of jungle which are no hp and internet connection T.T"

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

all the besh sheera !! :)

cik syahira said...

dear oja,

thanks dear..