my 1st orange shirt


good morning babes.

after on off mood couple of days ago, i pray hard everything gonna be alright. i always wish this to blogger babes and now i pray for myself -___-"

back to reality, life must go on.. since i am not buying new card reader yet, so all pictures credited to google, my sony ericsson or my sweetheart's lappy. today's picture taken from his lappy's camera..

this is my 1st orange shirt bought on 2007 from body glove, penang. since i am pink lover, i am not into orange at all. hu2x.. this shirt bought by my manager for a pressie as a student trainee ^.^

during that time there were yellow, orange, some more i forgot! my manager asked me to choose one and i dont know why i choose this one. hihihi..

finally, years later i met my sweetheart who addicted with orange color. *rolling eyes.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

ehh kaler oren mmg ceria kan? i ada byk shirt kaler Oren. rasa sungguh CERIA bila memakainya heee!