bad news


hello babes.

happy thursday.

omg how fast time flies..

recently i am not into blogging mood due to certain reasons:

- double check at my private entry..
- mood swing!
- my lappy cant read my camera's card readers! omg.. virus fault T.T"
- busy at farm ville and happy aquarium <- what the fish??!
- final exam is around the corner
- didnt get good respond from my respondents <- big probs for my thesis o.O"
- due date of thesis' draft is 30th !!

hurm.. so sad is it. even more tragic than what you think?? ouh my ouh my.. hope there's been good news will coming soon.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

jaga jaga ur draft. wat copy banyak sket. kang ilang sume haruuuu!!