her engangement day


hello babes.

in syawal months i received a lot of invitations from open house, engagements as well as wedding.

unfortunately, due to time factors i cant manage to go to all of them. dear, babes i am apologized yer.. btw, wishing you guys congratulation on your big day.

but this time, is my neighborhood buddy's day. we're get to know each others since standard 2. so it can be consider as a must come event! ehhehe..

accidentally, the one who make up my buddy is one of my primary school mate.. ouh, what a small world right.. you turn here and there end up you met your buddies..

a gold theme.. kind a trend is it? surprised, it's look beautiful.. so i like!! my buddy is a teacher somewhere at kuala selangor. during her engement's day is the last day of school holiday. i suspected, she miss her class on monday.. oii, teacher! how come you?? ahhaha..

bit nervous while waiting for a meeting session.. it's a candid! hehehe..

end up, alhamdulillah.. everything went smooth. i love foods served. purrrrfect! kg styles.. ok, here you are best buddies since zaman hingus meleleh!! from left cik syahira, nili and zarah..

* lesson learn:

do well organized your event to ensure everything went smooth.

cooperation and communication between family members are importance to make peeps understand what's going around.

check listed every single things because you'll never know what will happen next.

back up plan may works at the very last minute. huhu..

for a girl of the day.. have your breakfast!! the rest, go for self services because family host will busy on that day.

what next??

babes, share your advices and tips ya.. thank you in advance..

Best regards,