what if



hurm.. still about a few persons who are over reacting and too busy body or showing you too much of concern when you are doing something..

well.. being me, sometimes i just let that person show their concern and have a positive thinking might be she want to share or express her feelings about what i am doing on that time but necessarily it's in a wrong time!

* sigh.


it's difficult or complex when you're handling a person which she told you she's sensitive. but then, hello??! have you ever think that others also have that kind of senses. or have you ever thought that when you're sensitive type of person shall all of us need to concern you more rather than our own feelings?

* helpless.

during this ramadhan month i avoid to say something bad about you who are not my blogger babes, you guys are very kind to me.. thanks dear. yes, you who said you are the type of sensitive person. enough said.

i hope one day you could change your attitude because might be people around you are sick with you.. sometimes, i do. your comments on me are most welcome but then when you are too much i feel it's bad. i never criticized yours but if i do, i do with a proper manner such as i used a very polite words ever or gave you hints in order to take care others feeling..

but she's simply attacked me with i described she used a very straight forward and hurtful words which i wont absorbed it any more.. has she ever thought about others sensitivity?? hurm.


Best regards,


liyana said...

agree... nk melayan sensitip die je..sensitip kiter sape moh layan?.. haisyooo

syazana said...

Hah tau x pe..
aloh kau wat donno je...
aku sensitif gak,tp kt kena berubah untuk masa depan,sbb kita bkn hidup sorang2..kalau dalam dunia ni kt sorang je blh r macam tu.Karang kalau aku cakap dia lg sentap hahaha3

Precious said...

Asam garam kehidupan! Lain padang lain belalang .. As long as kita sedar ada batas pd setiap perkataan n perbuatan!

lily lotus said...

just ignore that bloody person dear..u're so not layak to talk bout that busuk person..let dia dgn dunia sentap dia..jgn biarkan the bad energy influence u..take care

cik syahira said...

dear liyana,
thanks babe!

dear syazana,
ehhehe.. well, it's true!

dear precious,
O.o too much of !! ehhehe.. anyway, thanks for your comment =)

dear kak lily,
she's not always being a busuk one but than this time i considered as too much.. hurm *sigh.