my dad's passion


happy weekend all.

today i love to share about my dad's passion. he loves gardening.. from orchids to vegetables.. bonsai as well as bougainvillea..

he also did a very simple landscaping at my home sweet home located at jhr =) so, without further due, let's take a look what i found last weekend during my holiday..


his orchids

his bonsais

his herbs/ vegetables/ ulam

phewww.. a lot of pictures! since we live in a piece of small land and build this house there's no more enough land to plant any big trees. every single things must put inside vases or else we're dont have enough places to do so..

200% of them was planting and coordinating by my dad. he handle everything from a-z =) hurm.. hurm.. dont asked me about their names T.T"

ok.. see you later in next entry..

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

bestnya!!!! akak suka tengok pokok pokok...

syazana said...

Makcik..kau dah balik kampung ke?

cik syahira said...

dear kak ayu,
i love it too.

dear syazana,
just arrived.
currently in shah alam.