hungry hungry hungry



thank you very much for your comments on previous entry.. well, just be patient meeting that kind of people and always remind myself to not become as part of them. hhuhu.. enough said!

today is the most tired day ever since ramadhan month -.-" this morning i went to office and took few things left as well as brought few electrical gadget up and down stairs.. surprised, almost 6 times ok! i resign from my job last july.. well almost a month i become an unemployed..

now i am really hungry and cant move around. laid on my bed and post this short entry before buka puasa.. i am counting every seconds left before buka puasa T.T"


Best regards,


Dj Epoi said...


Skank nih lapaw lagi tak nih? heheheh

syazana said...

Sifu, lu teruk r beb..hahahaha

cik syahira said...

dear dj epoi,
bro.. long time not see you! ehhe..

dear syazana,
cehh.. i used to carry those cpu, monitor and printer ok! uwaaaa.. damn tired sobb..sob T.T"

lily lotus said...

bab countdown waktu berbuka mmg favourite akak since azali :D

*ayu* said...

take care dik... aduhai.. just by reading it pun akak dah penat.. aduhai.. dugaan ramadhan..