cute sleeping baby


hello babes.. happy saturday all =)

while i am blog walking i found this contest but sorry to say that i cant participated this due to certain reasons T.T"

so i would like to encourage my blogger babes if you guys got any cute sleeping baby picture do support this interesting contest.. ehhehe.. lately i love to participate and support our blogger babes in order to have more coverages.. which new friends lah ^.^

even i cant participated this, still i love to share what i found in my folders.. here you are i thought the cute sleeping baby, lil princess qistina.

if i am not mistaken during this time she's only 1 month plus.. ehehhe.. actually lil princess wear our gifts baby set.. she's really cute with this out fit. cehh! what kind of statement lah is it?? -.-

hhuhuhu.. please ignored my serabai and tan color affected by working under sun.. see, this lil princess was very small and i tried my best to hold her but still feels uneasy.. me scared ok! i rarely hold baby but i love them so much.. phew.. ouh, actually lil princess qistina is my sweetheart's cousin. when this pictures taken, i follow him visited his new family members.

so babes, fill free to join them..

Best regards,