famous drink in down south


air katira is well known in down south jhr/ singapore. some said it originated from jb and others said it come from singapore. no matter what, this famous drink is the best i ever had =)

i've told my sweetheart where by i craved this air katira and surprised he asked me what is air katira. eh.. eh??! you guys in kl, have you ever know about this? i just wonder that this air katira is well known in our place, jhr.. kindly hard maybe to find the best taste as ours. cehh! -.-"

as usual when i craved for something, my mom completely will making it for me. ehhehe. dear sis, dont be jealous ok! next time is your turn ehhehe.. well, here you are ingredients of air katira:

biji selaseh (the small small one)
kembang semangkuk (the medium sizes)
katira (the hard like rock one)

hhuhu.. this is my 1st time knowing there's something called katira. it's hard!

wash and put them inside a jug of water.. wait until they transform <- i used this word because it's really changed from a tiny and hard ones until biggest and soft ones! like picture below..

some said that for the best result left them for one night but my mom did at the morning and left until buka puasa.. to make this delicious, just mix them up with air sirap bandung, roses syrup or avocado/ honeydew juices..

thanks to google -______-

i hope that i can spend time walking at bazar ramadhan next week..

* until today, i never go to bazar ramadhan yet!

Best regards,


syazana said...

klu da kahwin esok..kau kena wat air katira tiap2 hr.
Nasib baik bf aku prefer teh o suam..
klu mcm kau mati aku nk bjr masak banyak benda...

::narita:: said...

kat pahang kiteorg pggil air buah bidara kalau x silap eheh..
my dad suke gile air nie..
ahhh dahaga nyee huhu.

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
no probs lah beb. ahhaha..

dear narita,
hello babe. welcome to my blog. different places might called it as different names right? ehhehe..