1st syawal


hello babes. happy syawal to every one. ouh, i am sorry.. leaving my blog for such a long time. well, here i am back with syawal extra ordinary mood ^.^

let's go to my 1st day of syawal, here you are my baju raya. my mom bought for us (my sweetheart and i). ehheh.. thanks mom! welcome to my home sweet home..

then, this is my sweet and lovely sister. she's only 18 and surprised no body hard to recognize her. sometimes people tend to call me as her and call her as me. wink..wink. am i too young?? -__-"

this is my favvy this year, it's a hurm.. wait, let me check the label 1st.. it's fantasia slice.. ouh my good! i love the texture and the taste!!

and at the evening, almost 630pm we went to muar met my mom's family.. as we're predicted, heavy traffic jammed at parit sulong. finally we arrived muar around 9pm T.T"

cik syahira and family wish you babes, selamat hari raya maaf zahir n batin

Best regards,