welcome to ramadhan


hi babes..

happy monday.

alhamdulillah.. fasting month is around the corner, i hope ramadhan this year is much more better than last year.. well, this is my last ramadhan celebrating in shah alam because after this i'll move back to johore.

every single days left will remain me memories last forever. i'll missing my housemates, buddies, babes and everything here. hurm.. not forget to sweetheart's happy family. last year we're having buka puasa together. and memories which i cant forget is:

when i stay at his house for 4 days 3 nights before hari raya because two days before 1st syawal i need to work.

since my housemates were uitm students and they're went hometown already so i supposed to stay alone in shah alam.. but his mom felt worried and invited me to stay at their home..

babes, what are your feelings if your future in laws invite you to stay at their home? it's for 4 days 3 nights ok before hari raya.. his family will looking for you every single times and surprised you cant hide your true colors any more. hhhuhu.

here is a picture of a box. any body can guess what is it for?

*picture and entry is not related at all. sigh -.-"

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

untuk simpan alat makeup u.
btOl tak??

Lyn Yusoff said...

hi syahira,
salam ramadhan to u too..

naematul.ismail said...

wah...if i were u..sgt terharu oke...
salam jengah neway

jgn lupa jemput oke
samat bahgie syira♥ojan

naematul.ismail said...

hehe..yerp..ini adalah naem kmk
satu kelas dgn kamu