sick being like this



people are kind to you

they're being nice

soft spoken




maybe loving to you


is too much of being nice can be consider as good?

sometimes it's ok

on the other hand if too much of attention

personally i can consider it as a busy body


not loyal..


i am sick of meeting this kind of people

luckily it's not about my blogger babes..

you guys such a wonderful babes that i ever had.

thank you so much.

it's about a new person

which i met last week.

she told me,

i looks like one with influenza.


hello, i am ok.

if you feel like that..

just stay away from me.


*sigh. why suddenly i become so sensitives?? <- asking my hormones T.T"

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

heyyy nape ni?? beremOsi sungguh kamu! jangan sedih sedih Oke! :)

daela said...

ala ciannya...harap bersabar yer dik non..

lily lotus said...

cool down dear..;)

hai..I baru 1st time masuk ur blog
from a nice n
sweet blog..

if u don't mind, can I link ur blog?
salam kenal from me lily lotus...

take care!

cik syahira said...

dear jujah,
thanks dear.. ok i am doing fine now.

dear kak dila,
again.. thank you so much sis..thanks for visiting my blog too.

dear kak lily,
welcome to my simple blog. sure sis, we can exchange link.. i've link you just now. anyway, nice meeting you.

Mak Pah Vogue said...

syahira - jgn hiraukan orang yg suka komen mcm ni.... jgn jadi "sponge".... u know what I meant

Mak Pah Vogue said...

syahira - dun bother with ppl like that. dun be a sponge to absorb such comment. dun worry, be happy dear.... lots of luv...

hehehe dpt jugak mak pah masuk ur blog... such a sweet blog...luv it. k dear got to go... takut kena tangkap basah dgn boss nanti...huhu

cik syahira said...

dear mak pah vogue,
honored to see you here.
thank you very much.