rainy seasons


happy monday babes. hey, how's your weekend. yesterday i planned to go to redglow's event in shah alam but due to uncertainty i cancel my plan at the very last minutes. well, i hope some of my blogger babes who attended that event update them immediately. hehee.. cant wait to visit your blog, babes.. wink..wink.

well, yesterday was raining heavily. phew.. luckily the traffic still move on. thank god! i've experienced it so many times before. there's one incident which i never forget:

it happen few years back while my best buddy sabil and i went to kl from jhr. the weather at 1st was good but when we reached some where in seremban we noticed , quite not so far from us was raining heavily included with thunder storms T.T"

unfortunately, my air condition got problems! well, just imagine how panicked we were during that time. i cant see clearly, drove slowly and at the same time my best buddy sabil help me wiped the front mirror <- huhu.. i dont know what to call that mirror!

and i used emergency signals too. at the end alhamdulillah both of us arrived safely. wink..wink.

* sugarpie told me, it's a wind screen which i mention as the front mirror. ahhaha. thanks babe..

Best regards,


Lyn Yusoff said...

yeah.. raining heavily yesterday..
i drove slowly n alhamdullilah smpai ngn selamat..
waiting for u gak.. tapi tak dpt jumpa lagi.. maybe next time ok..

cik syahira said...

dear lyn,

i am sorry dear. i supposed go to redglow's but then need to attend another program which much more important.. insya Allah, when i go to jj bukit tinggi will inform you, ok.