sorry sorry


i am sorry babes. this morning i am not setting any entries for you. hu2x. yesterday was a long day for me, terompahsurau and sugarpie.. dont worry, more pictures and stories will update by this evening. i assured you babes, after lunch hour there's stand by entries and will be on track again.

but then this entry i love to share an interesting email which i received this morning. it's about a great news.. a bonus! hoorayyy.. *clap-clap..

so babes dont miss a thing ok. be prepared and let's grab this bonus as much as you can. yeahhh.. me too. insya Allah.. well, who knows is it. maybe this is the last time we get this opportunities.. without further due, let's check this list out:

babes, maybe we should consider again about having karaoke next week. huhu..

Best regards,