black or white


hi babes. how do you do? have a great day..

since ramadhan is around the corner, i am looking for a preparation for hari raya celebration too. some of my blogger babes have been review about their fav stuffs for coming syawal.

me too, still looking around some new, fresh and different ideas to celebrate coming syawal with this stylish heels.. hehe.. actually i am looking forward this for quite some times ago. but then, today i'll asking for my blogger babes any how to find this stylish heel?

and which one you prefer most? either black or white heel.. i do admired with the ribbon actually. and if it can come with pink i'll grab it fast..^o.O^ so, hello..hello.. where can i find this. if not the same it's ok but similar like this also can.

i just love the ribbon.. so sweet..

Best regards,


Misbehave said...

kalo i pilih white, cantikkkkkkk sgt! nampak sweet je..*wink wink*

jujahxo. said...

OOps i kalO pegi cari kasut memang tak cari yg heels ni. saket kaki!

sO yg salu pakai heels myb tau mana nk cari. sOri! :(

tapi kan,, i rasa cantek lg black kalerlah. kalO white cepat kOtOr.

syazana said...

dua2 cantik..u try gi nichi..
erm..mid valley banyak butik mana tau kat sana ada

Lyn Yusoff said...

hi syahira,
i like white color
black dah biasa sgt..
now, byk kedai kasut tgh sale.. kena rajin carik lah..

btw, i ada kasut similar with the pic.i bought from vincci. almost 4".
cantik sgt...