special to chocoholic


hello babes.

here you are special to chocoholic.. a chocolatier game. ehhehe. currently i am addicted with this game. let me brief you how it's work. ceh~

i recommended, during fasting month play this game after you have your buka puasa or else.. i am worried you might blaming me on introducing this super delicious game..

see.. the introduction just make me craving for something..yummy..yummy..

ok.. then i registered my name as an entrepreneur -.-" s.y.a.h.i.r.a what the fish?? day dreaming ok, become an entrepreneur.. a chocolate entrepreneur. cool~ or the most famous amos cik syahira as director of one international chocolate brand! oh, please..

here you are, alex appointed me to manage her company! wahhh.. sound great.. well, i started with zero.. feeling like living in zurich. hurm.. eh eh.. it's after world war two?? what ever.. it's a beginner for me to become one of famous amos entrepreneur. wink..wink.

then the 1st task given by alex. nervous ok.. she asked me to make chocolates. easy..easy.. hehhehe. just close my eyes also can lah. ^-.-^ then can become ceo candidates.. ahhaha! happy..

so let's get started. materials given already by alex. get set go! meet endrit at zurich chocolate works.. business meeting already.. ok turn a busy business women.

and currently.. after a very work hard, loyal and smart in business <- motif??! i am the ceo candidate and my income almost 1.4 million/ 2,700 per week. what a busy famous amos lately.. latest achievements are got three factory and two shop lots.

* busy..busy.. ahhahhaha. babes, cheer up! see you in the next entries. wink..wink.

Best regards,


lily lotus said...

2 thn lps pun i addicted dgn game ni..tp bila dh ada blog dh lama tak main..tp mmg super duper enjoy kan!

cik syahira said...

dear kak lily,

yup.. i do play this last 2007. i guess it is the 1st version. now was version 3. hehehe..

jujahxo. said...

uihh memang rasa nk buka pOse je kalO men game ni tym pOse pOse haha! ;b

* TAK TAHAN nafsu!