on rainy wednesday


hello babes. happy 15 sya'aban. may god bless you.

how do you do? it's thursday already.. how's your day? i am fine, thank you.


here are short update about my wednesday story:

yesterday is a rainy day in shah alam. god bless.. alhamdulillah. so comfy. terompahsurau, my housemate and i went to klcc because i need to meet my blogger babes. thanks babe for accompanying me..

ahhaha. but then because it's a rainy day so the traffic was not smooth after all and decided to use putra to klcc. at 1st i plan to park at komuter batu 3 shah alam - change putra at kl central and straight to klcc. then due to uncertainty we park at taman jaya and straight to klcc. much more easier and faster!

arrived at klcc almost half past one plus, so meeting my blogger babes with very super express way which me not really like it! sorry babes, cant have lunch time together.. insya Allah next time will having a proper plan and me must be extra prepared before meeting my blogger babes for not looking so annoying in front of them. sorry me was so shy during that time. huhu.. fake T.T"

then almost half past two plus plus <- see how faster we were meeting each others. i went to taman jaya and have my late lunch at a&w. me addicted with this float. so yummy delicious.. phew.. asked for more.. ^o.O^

i am happy and seriously grateful with my life.
thank you very much babes.
you guys brighten my days.

* well, as usual i've plan for short entry and the end it's still not so short. ehhehe.

Best regards,


Misbehave said...

mana ada fake..ok je la..:)

cik syahira said...

dear rina,

see you next week.