pressie for today


"what you give, you get back"


this is what i got from yesterday's short meeting. speechless.. hhuhuhu.

until now, i still dont know how to describe my own feeling.. ting..tong. omg!

anyway, thank you very much for this wonderful token sis T.T" touched.

* i believed if you honest in your relationship, insya Allah there's always good things come over you. money couldnt buy the sincere of your relationship.. so do appreciate it, babes.

Best regards,


Lyn Yusoff said...

hi syahira..

Lyn here..
sory coz i x realize u yesterday..
nice to meet u even jauh skali pun.. heheh :)

anyway, we can exchange link rite n be my friend?? thx for the comment at

jujahxo. said...

apa isinya ni?? excitednyaaa lama dah i tak dapat adiah camni tau! hehh