i read redmummy.com


hello babes.

this morning i love to share my experience meeting a blogger celebrity.. she's a mummy to two kiddos, a wife to a supportive husband and top woman bloggers in malaysia as well..

phew.. i am so nervous and excited when got an opportunity to meet her. until i am so speechless. sorry kak red T.T" i guess our 1st met was not very good because i am late, me become plastic and fake.. what else.. ouh.. i am really sorry.

how i know kak red ?
since when i read her blog
why i meeting kak red ?

definitely blogging life was not new for me because i started this few years ago but become a public blogger is absolutely new for me.. well, i do prefer privatized my blog and only i can access it!

so how do i know about this red lady is early year 2009 where by i started blogging publicly.. like other blogger babes, i do follow her every single day and night.. i am reading her old entries and interested to know more about her.

well, at the early stage i am her silent readers like thousands of people out there but then slowly i'll tried to keep in touch with her. alhamdulillah, she's a nice lady and easy to approach in a good manner.

until one day i went to cambodia and bought some token to her whole family for appreciation.. seriously, i do appreciate for her kindness. surprisingly she also send me some small token from indonesia.. hhuhuhu. thank you very much kak red! me not so wish for any token from her, i send her gifts just because i have extra budget and she is my adorable blogger babe. that's all ^o.O^

since i read redmummy.com, couple of months ago there sold a car sticker and to show my loyalty plus extra support to our lovely redmummy.com blog, i become one over 100 stickers buyer.. alhamdulillah, without further due after they announced about the sticker immediately i contact them and conform my booking. zasss.. now, every where i go people noticed that i read redmummy.com. wink..wink..

and finally, last wednesday i met kak red for my 1st time. i am speechless. enough said! here some photos during our short meeting:

i am still surprised.. speechless ok. will never forget. seriously i am speechless. shame you syahira with kak red! hishh..

haihhh. what happen to me? i do really having fun but still shy shy in front of my adorable blogger babe, kak red. she's simple but pretty nice. so humble and soft spoken.. full sense of humors. what else.. alhamdulillah. thanks kak red. thank you very much.

i read redmummy.com now and forever

psstt.. the reason why we met is she want to pass my stuffs which my pearly pallet bought from her red shops and small token for become her 2,000,000 visitors.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

babe..i've already read redmummy.com..menarik dan tertari..
actually babe aku hr2 baca blog kau sbb banyak info yang aku dpat..huhuhu

cik syahira said...

thanks babe for supporting me.
eh.. miss you so much!
let's ym..

jujahxo. said...

betul betul peminat fanatik ni! ;)