a notebook is not


hello babes. happy ramadhan. huaaarghhhh -.-"
hoohhhoo.. so sleepy.. ups, sorry! i stay after sahur until now and wish for a short nap after this. again huaarghhhh -.-" i cant control it anymore. *sigh.

this entry i like to share with you huaaarghhhh about huaarggghh hurm.. a notebook. *deep breath. huaaargggg!! omg omg i need more oxygen now v.v- stay facus, stay focus. just ignored my sleepy. psycho..

a notebook is not a laptop or electrical gadget. it's a book which we're using to take short note and i called it as a notebook.. are you with me? ehhehe..

currently i have two notebook which medium and small sizes. both are the most important items to me as important as hp because many important thing to jot down for a specific reason.

let me briefly explain the important of my notebooks:
- to extract theories from books in library. this idea inspired by my thesis supervisor.. sometimes i dont need to borrow so many books just to review one or two pharagraph of theories. therefore, i need a notebook.
- since my notebook have a few partition <-can i use this word? hhuhuh.. as long as you can see and understand it. so it's easy for me to divide and plan my works as well as schedule them. therefore it's much more organized!
- surprised it's cheap cheap one ok. a hardcover and the price was not less than RM10.. wink..wink

- the small notebook is easy to carry on and just put it into my handbag.
- very important to plan for my next step of life..cehh.
- also cheap cheap item which lesser than RM5!

eh.. me not sleepy at all. phew.. it works! ehheheh.. ok. that's all for now. see you later..

5. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Kelima
Allah SWT akan mengurniakan pahala seumpama pahala orang-orang yang mengerjakan sembahyang di Masjidil Haram, Masjidil Madinah dan Masjidil Aqsa.

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