a month to remember


warning: as usual, a long entry to get through :P

hello babes.. welcome to another episode in my love story. since a brand new chapter in my live will begin soon, so i have to share with you 'how cik syahira and her sweetheart met at the 2nd time?' ..

the story began last january 2008. i am officially break off and single -.-" but still living happily because my application to continue Msc at uitm shah alam successfully approved.. alhamdulillah, Allah knows the best for me.. and i registered on early january. thank god! what a relief.. finally, my dreams come true.. more days to go to complete my Msc~ it's just a new chapter of my student life.

since i am single and available ^o.O^ <-cehh! what the fish?? i make a lot of new friends and become more open minded.. meaning, i started to add new friends in friendster and ym list, no longer thinking about others feeling or else and i enjoy every single day being a single and Msc student.. well, it's not easy actually..

talking about friendster, there's a community place where by i keep on contact all of my friend- neighborhood, kindergarten, primary secondary schools, colleges, university and etc. one day, i found my sweetheart's id and noticed he's one of my friend list in kolej mara kulim. then i just add him on my list..

well, it's how everything began.. wink..wink. we started comments, exchange ym id and surprised he asked my number O.O" i'm speechless but hurm.. eh we're friends ok. why not? then we arranged our 1st date a few weeks after i came to shah alam for Msc.

last january 2008 i moved to shah alam, continued my study and dont know how to go anywhere.. it's my 1st time driving out of my territory- batu pahat, jhr T.T" it's difficult and complicated but i am very lucky because i still have family somewhere in damansara, bangi and seri kembangan..

besides, i have a buddy who never give up the draw me a map. my 1st map is on how to go to sg besi meeting my sweetheart.. dear nazlin a.k.a nalin thanks babe! i owe you a lot! ehhehe.. she draw me a map to midvalley and sweetheart teach me from midvalley to sg besi.

serious!! i just go and never turn back. it's my 1st time ever driving in shah alam and kl.. very nervous but excited to meet my sweetheart. eh, during that time we're friends only.. no sweetheart.. sweetheart ok! -.-" almost miss the junction but he managed to save me out..


this picture taken a week after my 1st date.. meaning it's my 2nd date with him..

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Kaiser said...

salam.....cute teddy bear tue....huhuhuh