memoirs of kmk


sometimes i have a problem to start my intro. i am not so sure what to write and how to make it interesting especially to catch my readers. generally i used:

hello babes..

how's your life?

how do you do?

pheww.. boring right??! just ignored.

* forget about my poor intro.

so let's take a look a picture of me and my sweetheart in kolej mara kulim, kedah. basically all candid photos i found when i review my old album and surprised i am also just realized it last years/ some are this year..

but for today's entry let me review one picture, enough is it.. ahhaha. for your information/ i guess some of my blogger babes who follow my stories maybe knows that we (my sweetheart and i) didnt know each others even we study in the same place.

even, in picture below we also dont know each others. neither i or he didnt realize that we in the same photo.. until last year i open my old album and found this.

* sigh. sometimes i repeat the same facts T.T"

hhahaha.. i am apologized with the quality of image.. what's poor me eh pity me.. that's flash fault! me not like~

ok..ok. that picture taken when there's a hari raya celebration in kolej mara kulim. purposely i wear blue kurung because i promised with some one. jeng..jeng.. who is he? who is he?

* that person not included at pictures above ok.. ahhhaha..

more drama will updated soon

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

owh.. u remind me of my old pics during matrics.. hiks..

jujahxo. said...

hakhak. asikla rasa nak tergelak bila tengOk wajah muda muda si pOjan! ;b

cik syahira said...

hello kak ayu.
me love my matric life.

hep jujah..
you're so naughty ..