i date with a guy


hello babes. it's another episode on my love story.. let's flash back what happen on me on my last entry.. hurm.. there's another guy who i brave to say very meaningful to me for my rest of my life.

before that.. dear sweetheart, i am sorry for this.. i know he didnt read this but still i am appologized. ok let me share you something about the guy i date during that hari raya celebration:

he is from terengganu.
his name is mohd fikri.
well.. he is older than me.
he approached me at kolej mara kulim.
he almost know everything about me;
my routine, my favs, likes and dislikes.
he never give up to advice me.
he such my good best friends ever.
he teach me maths..
he email me notes.
he visit me on my birthday.
what else..
more memories we had together.
and we only declared as a good friends.


one day..
on 13th feb 2005.
he met an accident and dead.
he rest in peace, insya Allah.

*al-fatihah to my best friends.

well, i believed that Allah knows everything rite.. that's what happen on me.. and after that i am still waiting for my prince charming. wink..wink.

no picture of him. but he likes this.

the tempeyek is delicious.

Best regards,


Syazana said...

Erm..poor u..
rasanya kau ada cerita pasal arwah kat aku..

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
the story that i told you before.