girl friend outing - burger king


last monday was girly girly day.. we're hanging out and had our lunch at burger king. me not craving it but she.. *looking at sugarpie. wink..wink.

over all, i love them. yeah.. both! sugarpie and burger king. ahhahaa.. she's my housemate babes.. she such my good friends too. we love to hang out, laugh and talk craps oh ^o.O^

* we're not only likes two besties but such sisters..
* dear sabil, miss you darling. <- she's my best buddy ever.

Best regards,


Syazana said...

babe i'm crav..of this one too...wa..wa..wa..

daela said...

herm..ko ni dik...buat akk lupa yg akk sedang berdiet perut..kan akk dah lapar nih..haizz....burger king!!!

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
babe, stop it! go diet.. ahhaha.

dear sis daela,
go go diet sis.
well, by next week no more foods entries due to fasting month.

yuna said...

eh2!! nama kite ade dlm post neh!! hehehe... mlm sok kitak turun murni ss2.. kalu kami sempat jumpak di sana ya.. <------- slang sabah bah..