girl friend outing - secret recipe


and. here our appetizer for dinner.. me love juices at secret recipe. it's so yummy delicious.. again and again i wish for it! heaven ok.

since it's just an appetizer we decided to share our chocolate indulgence <- if i am not mistaken! then went home and had our late dinner at our fav spot located at sek7, shah alam..

*sharing is caring the cake and it's superb best. hurm.. well can try it later.

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

yang.. insyaAllah i'll b there redglow shah alam.. dis sunday.. c u there ek?

adenium said...

jom layan cake nak ...kan lepas nih nak posr..hehhe

TH said...

first time to your blog :) love it :) hehe.. come join my contest :)

TH said...

anak suka makan kek :)

cik syahira said...

dear th.
you're most welcome here.
thanks babe..