featuring with pesawat


alhamdulillah. here is the final episode of me meeting pesawat. featuring?? sounds like playing music together! hhuhu.. nope, i cant play any music instruments. yet i only know how to play recorder -.-" as well as singing, i only can go for karaoke with my buddies and sweetheart. other than that, it turn worst! hhaha.. even with them i cant sing in a good tune. out of pitching and bla bla.. *ignored me.

the reason of i went to utusan malaysia is to accompany my housemate full stop. there is no direct appointment between me and them yet<-- cehh.. hoping for what? since i got the opportunity there so i manage to help her doing my own handmade. the denim pencil case is not my handmade. i just sew the accessories. yup.. do-it-yourself handmade.

at the same time, the indie band pesawat also come to utusan malaysia.. again, there's another opportunity for me to meet them in person. alhamdulillah..

*clap-clap. here is our handmade to pesawat. wink..wink.

Best regards,