happy ramadhan


hi babes..

welcome to ramadhan month.. happy fasting to all muslim babes.. i would like to ask for your forgiveness and let's grab this opportunities to improve ourselves better than previous years..

dear sweetheart, alhamdulillah this is our year two celebrating ramadhan month together.. i guess, it's our challenges month ever- studying and training for our bright future.. all the best to ourselves ^o.O^

dear blog, again alhamdulillah this is our 1st time open my blog to public. sure i'll update my daily life and random thoughts about me, myself and my environment as usual. i am glad that this ramadhan is the 1st time we celebrate together *it's about me and my blog. hhehe..

see you tomorrow babes. dont forget to go for terawikh tonight, shopping for ramadhan stocks and having sahur this morning.

*anyone, winston 14? stared at my sweetheart..

Best regards,


Kaiser said...

salam....selamat berpuasa ramadhan Al Mubarak....

Dj Epoi said...


Selamat Berpuasa dari kami sekeluarga Bossssss!!!

Dj Epoi Family

cik syahira said...

dear kaiser,
salam ramadhan too.

dear dj epoi,
me too, bro. salam ramadhan ;)