the real pesawat


hello babes. so what do you have for your lunch today? well, tomorrow is our 1st day of ramadhan to be specific in malaysia and hope this month is better than last year..

ok, without further due let's continue about my pesawat handmade and the real story of pesawat. which.. hehe.. which now this entry shared about my experience met one of our indie band, pesawat.

pesawat is cool~ i love their single, mirage.. my sis told me about their new song, excuse me. well, she's much more updated compared me! hhuhuhu..

not much than i can reveal here but i really have a good time meeting them. all of them were sporting and happening plus giving me fully cooperation even though i am just a new fan of them! hehe.. thank you very much to pesawat for their time and consideration of me who so shy in front of my own camera! T.T"

* they have a photoshoot and interview and i got chances to meet them in person.

Best regards,


syazana said...

Pttlah u beria gi utusan...

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,
his maksu work at kosmo. just near by. he3x