shame shame


hello babes. how do you do? i am fine, thank you.

so.. let's share about your weekend. mine??! arghh T.T" shame.. shame.. ouh!

the story began when last few weeks i've ask my sweetheart to accompany me to go for my friend's wedding at tanjung karang. then this morning, with extra excited i wake up early and iron my new baju kurung. we decided to go to tanjung karang earlier and at least can reach kl at least at 4pm.

with confident, i am wearing a new baju kurung and not so heavy make up, i get into my car and searching for the invitation card. since i am worried if i left it in my office, might be i'll lost it! so i stand by the card inside my car.

jeng.. jeng.. finally i saw a purely white envelope under office's file and open it to view the map to tanjung karang.. suddenly.. i look at the date, it is 19 july 2009. hurm.. feels like something wrong with the date. erk!

ouh my god! ouh my god! today is still 12 july 2009 v.v" shame.. shame.. i called my sweetheart and told him the wedding is on 19 july 2009. isk.. finally he told me to change my baju kurung and we went for dating at Jj cheras selatan.

* MyEm0.Comthis evening he said that the nasi beriani was delicious.. hep! please dong.. i've wrong, yeah i know..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

hahha! memang lawaklah u punye citer ni! haha ;)

bleh plak salah date ek?
nape tak dating jek pakai baju kurung tu?? mesti sweet!

cik syahira said...

* blushing.. cried!

baizura said...

nasib baik la syira tak g lagi...

cik syahira said...


tu la kn. luckily perasan masa kat parking kereta. kalau dah sampai sana, mesti malu! ahhahaha.. sheila siap dah gelak-gelak lg. huuuu..