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i am so sleepy and decided to take a short nap after this^O.O^ before that i love to share about my new

recently people talk about varieties of community channel such as blogs, facebook, twitter and etc. but for me i am only having a friendster <- very not up to date! instead a facebook and now i open my blog publicly. the reason is i dont have so much commitment to manage all my channels.

i love living like this way by not addicted with so many channels. that's enough for me addicted with this pinky blog. ahhahaha.. but then i found one cute and simple community channel called, just update about my activities.

well, this channel i thought was very interesting and no need to give more commitment and attention to it! <- what ever.. so here let's check this out my from boring turquoise to girly pink.

*i like.

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jujahxo. said...

hey sheera! i pOn ada twitter jugak tau! hehh;p

cik syahira said...

eh let's share share the link eh..

hathyiahusni (MzP) said...

I pun ada twitter add me hathyiahusni